Rafting New Zealand white water rafting adventures include some of the most awarded white water rafting New Zealand has to offer. Our experienced Kiwi raft guides will fit you in state-of-the-art gear to ensure comfort and safety, setting you up for an adventure of a lifetime.
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Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications
Rafting New Zealand is proud to be New Zealand's most Awarded Rafting Company.

At Rafting New Zealand service, professionalism and the ability to provide you with the best experiences possible are the fuel to our engine. We are constantly seeking opportunities and the ability to better ourselves to provide our customers satisfaction above and beyond their expectations.

Qualmark Silver Award
Qualmark - Silver
Qualmark is a certification that helps travellers quantify the information they are presented<br /> about our tourism experiences. It acts as the final seal of approval that signifies the experience they are paying for is one of the most high quality, safe and sustainable experiences New Zealand has to offer.

Displaying the Qualmark logo proudly is evidence that our business has been independently validated as a quality tourism business. It provides instant recognition for customers that our business will deliver a quality experience, while providing piece of mind for far away travel trade.

NZ Wide Rafting Winner 7 Years in A Row
Judged entirely by the public from a series of reviews conducted online and face-to-face at rankers.co.nz

Every year Rankers presents the Rankers Awards. It the voice of the people coming through loud and clear. Rafting New Zealand is the cream of the annual harvest.

NZs Best Rafting Company
OutdoorsMark Certified
OutdoorsMark is a national outdoor safety audit programme designed by the New Zealand outdoors community for the New Zealand outdoors community.

One of OutdoorsMark’s fundamental objectives is to give participants in adventure activities, and the public, the assurance that the management of the activities has been checked by an independent expert – an OutdoorsMark auditor.

Whitewater NZ
Our purpose is to preserve New Zealand's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.

Rafting New Zealand are members of Whitewater NZ. The national organisation representing recreational whitewater canoeing and kayaking in New Zealand. It has over 16 member clubs corresponding to around 800 active members. Our primary objective is expressed in our purpose (above) and our work is coordinated in four portfolios:

ConservationPreserve New Zealand’s rivers and lakes.
AccessEnsure public access.
SafetyPromote safe, enjoyable canoeing.
EducationFoster the kayaking community.

Whitewater NZ is affiliated to the NZ Canoe Federation (PO Box 11081, Hamilton) which is a member of the International Canoe Federation (ICF).

The work of Whitewater NZ is coordinated by the Executive & Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Whitewater NZ publishes a regular email newsletter re whitewater issues. Previously, Whitewater NZ published a paper newsletter, called ‘NZ Canoeing’ featuring news, articles and trip reports about the whitewater kayaking scene in New Zealand.

Whitewater NZ recognises outstanding achievements or contributions in the area of recreational canoeing through the Canoeist of the Year award.

Environmental Defence Society
The Environmental Defence Society is a not-for-profit environmental organisation comprised of resource management professionals who are committed to improving environmental outcomes.

Rafting New Zealand are proud members of The Environmental Defence Society (EDS). The EDS is a professionally run, independent, not-for-profit environmental group that was established in 1971 and is committed to improving environmental outcomes for all New Zealanders.

EDS brings together the disciplines of science, planning, landscape and the law.

It operates as a think-tank, providing thought leadership on key environmental issues as well as representing the environment before councils and the courts.

EDS is located at the collaborative and business aware end of the environmental movement, seeking constructive engagement with all sectors, to achieve good environmental and economic outcomes for all New Zealanders. It has influence.

It also plays an education role, helping business, councils, community groups and iwi to better understand best practice resource management. EDS runs national and regional conferences and seminars on topical issues.