Rafting New Zealand white water rafting adventures include some of the most awarded white water rafting New Zealand has to offer. Our experienced Kiwi raft guides will fit you in state-of-the-art gear to ensure comfort and safety, setting you up for an adventure of a lifetime.
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Our Most Popular Adventure

Experience White Water Rafting on the beautiful Tongariro River with Grade 3 white water action!

When taking part in our Tongariro White Water rafting adventure, you’ll raft over 50 exciting Rapids, travel 14kms, through a beautiful volcanic gorge, take part in an optional cliff jump and fuel up with on-river hot chocolate and snacks. Post trip enjoy hot solar powered showers before enjoying your cold Beer or soda, with your RNZ River Dog (Hot Dog), while watching your trip photo’s.

Adventures For The Whole Family

Splash, Crash, Swim and Laugh – this is the best Grade 2 trip in the country and is a great safe way to experience the thrill of rafting. This Rafting Adventure is all about having fun while travelling through the beautiful reaches of the lower Tongariro River. It’s the perfect option for families with younger children, our more Senior Citizens and non-English speaking visitors alike. On the journey enjoy our stop over at the National Trout Centre – where you can feed and view the Fish up close, while enjoying your on River hot chocolate and chocolate. Later take part in the optional cliff jump – before returning to base for a hot shower, cold Beer or Soda and River Dog (hot dog), while watching your trip photo’s.

Extreme Grade 5 Action

The Wairoa River rafting adventure delivers a truly thrilling river trip, providing an action-packed, Grade 5 journey that every thrill seeker should experience!

Rafting through rapids such as the “Roller Coaster”, “Devils Elbow” and “Mothers Nightmare” is sure to take your breath away.

A $10 Lunch voucher for the falls cafe is included for every person booked.

The Wairoa river rafting adventure can only take place when the Wairoa river is released, the water is released from the Dam on Sundays, between the months of October – May. Check our site for dates or give us a call on 0800 865 226.

The Wairoa River begins in the Kaimai Ranges (situated above the city of Tauranga), a 2-hour drive North from our River Base in Turangi. We can either provide transport to the River from our Base or pick you up on route from our Taupo rafting facility, as we travel north to the river. Alternatively you can choose to meet us at McLaren Falls Reserve, where the river begins – comprehensive driving directions supplied upon booking. On-river apparel, professional guides and rafting equipment are provided – all you need for this Wairoa river rafting adventure is a reasonable level of fitness and a great attitude!

Tongariro Inflatable Kayak Adventures

Ever wanted to give white water kayaking a go? This trip is a blast from start to finish – learn the skills, man-oeuvre your craft, crash and surf the waves, while enjoying the pristine Tongariro River. Expert Guidance is included to keep you safe, so only question is….Are You Brave Enough?

Along the journey refuel with on river hot choclate and chocolate. Back at base enjoy your hot solar powered shower, complimentary cold Beer or Soda and RNZ River Dog (Hot Dog), while watching your trip photos.

Extreme Grade 5 Action On Two Rivers

“Hold On – Get Down” – Get ready to Scream! The Wairoa River, is located a short drive from the Bay of Plenty’s largest city Tauranga. The Wairoa River provides the most action-packed Grade 5 white water rafting in NZ – with rapids such as the “Roller Coaster”, “Devils Elbow” and “Mothers Nightmare”. The Wairoa River flows from the Kaimai Ranges (situated above the city of Tauranga), a 2-hour drive from our River Base in Turangi. Meet us at McLaren Falls Reserve (1:15pm) which is where the Wairoa River begins (Please click on Map for Comprehensive driving instructions). As well as rafting the Wairoa River you also take on the Kaituna River – which boasts the Worlds Highest commercially rafted waterfall – Yahoo! The Kaituna River is located near Rotorua, world reknown for its mud pools, geysers and hot pools and is a 90 minute drive from the Wairoa River. The Kaituna is a very unique river that is like a natural hydro slide and combines beautiful scenery with fun rapids & the epic 7m waterfall. The Combo Runs with you rafting the Kaituna River (near Rotorua) at 8:30am & then the Wairoa River (near Tauranga) at 1:15pm Please note: That if you book the extreme day (so completing both rivers in one day) you will have approximately 90minutes to travel in between rivers.

Guided And Un-Guided Adventures

When it comes to brown trout fishing, Taupo anglers and fishermen from all over the world dream of having the opportunity to delicately present a fly to a trophy fish and engage a battle with one of NZ’s premier sport fish. Lake Taupo is home to some of NZ’s largest and wildest brown trout. Fishing these waters is an opportunity not to be missed. Brown trout are spawning in the summer months and the Lower Tongariro becomes home to hundreds of large fish, sometimes pushing well over the 10-pound trophy mark.

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Guided & Un-Guided Adventures

Rafting New Zealand are proud to offer the ultimate Tongariro fly fishing trips. Fly Fishing and Rafting on the spectacular Upper Tongariro River is the ultimate Fly Fishing adventure. This water opens for angling and fly fishing trips every year on the 1st of December.

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Guided & Un-Guided Adventures

The ultimate overnight fly fishing adventure!. The area’s we explore on this fly fishing adventure are only really accessible via the river which means you get to spend a couple of days in untouched water. December and January are popular months for our overnight adventure fishing trips as the upper river holds huge numbers of trout at this time of year due to late-spawning fish from Lake Taupo. Combine exciting rapids with beautiful scenery and of course excellent Tongariro fly fishing, then camp out on the banks of the river under the stars, creating a fantastic wilderness experience.

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