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Rafting New Zealand white water rafting adventures include some of the most awarded white water rafting New Zealand has to offer. Our experienced Kiwi raft guides will fit you in state-of-the-art gear to ensure comfort and safety, setting you up for an adventure of a lifetime.
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School Packages

Schools Group Bookings
Teachers/Facilitators/ Group Organizers.

Teachers/Facilitators/ Group Organizers.

You can never get on the water early enough! We have been offering rafting to students of all ages from all over the world for over 25 years. Dozens of schools and youth groups return year after year for exciting, fun-filled school trips and group tours this is a testament to the value and quality Rafting New Zealand provide.

You can be guaranteed that we will provide you with a safe and informative trip that is run at the highest possible standards in terms of customer service, guide technical knowledge and safety.

Our Tongariro River Trips are the perfect river options for a school or group activity please see details below.


White Water Rafting Packages

Tongariro Grade 2 

FUN, EASY & GENTLE RAPIDS! Raft the lower section of the world famous Tongariro River…natures playground. Spot wild trout, birds and towering volcanic cliffs with deposits from Lake Taupo and Mount Tongariro eruptions.

  • 3 hours – 1.5 on river
  • Raft 8km with over 20+ gentle, fun,enjoyable rapids
  • Chocolate Fish on the river
  • All on river apparel supplied
  • Fun & professional river guides
  • All levels. Minimum age 6 years old


Tongariro Grade 3 

Raft 14km through beautiful native bush and impressive pumice clis on pristine water so fresh you can drink…

  • 4 hours – 2.5 hours on river
  • Raft 50+ Grade 3+ rapids
  • Chocolate Fish on the river
  • All on river apparel supplied
  • Fun & professional river guides
  • All levels. Minimum age 13 or 10-12 years ok if supervised by adult

Combine Tongariro Grade 2 and Grade 3 for a full day activity and Gain NZQA Unit Standard 485.

Our aim is to provide and tailor a trip that best suits your desired outcomes whether you are just wanting a fun and exciting trip we can deliver or you may want educational or leadership outcomes we can also deliver. We will cater the trip to suit your budget.

Some examples of activities we can provide on the river include:

  • Stream Crossing (Team work and leadership)
  • Throw Bag rescuing (River rescue skills)
  • Self Guiding Challenges (Team work and leadership)
  • Raft Race Challenge ( Team work and leadership)
  • Re writing a flipped boat (Team work and river rescue skills)


Health and Safety Planning is not an issue.  

The Rafting Industry has been legislated for over 25years so the new Adventure Regulation is nothing new to us. We will assist and provide you with all the necessary documentation to ensure your health and safety planning is streamlined.

We will include :

  • Copies of our certificates of compliance.(Maritime New Zealand and Outdoors Mark)
  • Copy of Qual Mark Award
  • Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Hazard Management Forms for your particular activity
  • Accident and Incident Report Log sheet for the last year.

Why come to us!  Rafting is an adventure activity that very few New Zealanders get to experience. The river environment is something our kids need to be confident in and what better way to open the doors to them then by including a rafting adventure..

Why plan to come here? The Central Plateau is spread over the Ruapehu and Taupo regions. Within these regions there is a vast array of activities that your school can incorporate into your visit. From walking the many numerous tracks, to kayaking down hidden streams there is something for all abilities.


Our Recommendations:  Information provided from other websites.

Walking Options

From Visit Ruapehu Site.

Lakes Rotopounamu (Summer and Winter)

An easy walk of up to 6km, Lake Rotopounamu nestles into the western side of Mount Pihanga. 30kms from National Park off SH47, the parking area is signposted on the south side of Te Ponanga Saddle. Beginning opposite the parking area, the track winds gently uphill to the track junction. To walk around the lake, turn right and follow a short section of gravelled track before dropping down towards Five Minute Beach.For a shorter option, from the road, take the track up to the junction and turn left. This short 20 minute walk will bring you to Ten Minute Beach, a pleasant picnic and swimming spot in summer.  


Te Porere Redoubt  (Summer and Winter)

Te Porere Redoubt is a 45 minute walk which can be found 22.3 kilometres from Whakapapa on SH 47.  Te Porere Redoubt is the earthworks of a Maori fortification built by the prophet and warrior Te Kooti; the last major engagement of the New Zealand Wars was fought here in October 1869. The redoubts are an example of the Māori adaptation of classic British military construction techniques.  Given they are almost 150 years old they are in remarkable condition. Standing in the trenches you can almost picture the battles. The walk to the lower redoubt is an easy 5 minutes. The walk to the upper one is a bit more strenuous, while it’s not far, it’s quite steep in some places, but well worth the effort.


Tongariro Alpine Crossing (Summer – Winter Guided Only)

Often described as New Zealand’s greatest day walk, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a challenging journey across a remarkable volcanic landscape. The 19.4km hike starts from the Mangetopopo Carpark off State Highway 47 south of Lake Taupo and is a 35 minute drive from Whakapapa or National Park Villages,


Taranaki Falls (Summer)

Starting just below the Whakapapa Visitor Centre at Whakapapa Village this popular 2 hour return loop track is a relatively easy hike.  The Taranaki Falls are located around half way and cascade over the edge of an impressive 15,000 year old lava flow.


Silica Rapids (Summer and Winter)

Starting at the DOC Visitor Centre in Whakapapa Village this 7km return varied walking track travels through mountain beech forest alongside a cascading stream, arriving at the Silica Rapids. You will see a range of vegetation along the track, and on a clear day offers spectacular views of Mount Ruapehu and Mount Ngauruhoe.


Tama Lakes  (Summer or Winter Guided)

An extension of the Taranaki Falls Walk, The Tama Lakes track crosses undulating tussock country and alpine herb fields to reveal the beautiful alpine lakes that occupy several old explosion craters on the Tama Saddle between Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. A 17km return trip, the track boasts imposing viewpoints of the lower lake at around 1200m, then climbs steeply to the upper lake viewpoint ataround 1400m. There are no formed tracks down to the lakes themselves and the descent to both is via steep gullies. Tama Saddle also acts as a funnel for prevailing westerly winds and windproof clothing is recommended


Tongariro Northern Circuit (Summer or Winter Guided)

From the desert like plateau, through alpine herb fields and lush forests, to tranquil alpine lakes, the Tongariro Northern Circuit showcases just about everything that Central North Island wilderness can offer. Over the four day journey you’ll travel through a landscape of stark contrasts, with phenomenal views completely unique to this World Heritage site National Park. Meandering by Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe, you will be struck by the volcanic landscapes, gaining a close up view of New Zealand’s geological and formative history. Within view of parts of the track is Lake Taupo to the north, the Kaimanawa mountain range to the east, and on a clear day you can catch a glimpse of Mount Taranaki, regally marking the western edge of the North Island.

Overnighting in huts on the way, the Tongariro Northern Circuit can be walked over two to four days in either direction. The track is well marked and signposted, but some sections may be steep, rough or muddy. For inexperienced hikers, you can easily employ the services of an experienced guide, they can let you know of the pitfalls of the track and give valuable local insight into the historical and natural features of the area. For more information and in depth day-by-day descriptions of the trail sections, check out the DOC site.


(From Waimaori Adventures Site)

Kayaking Options

LAKE & STREAM KAYAKING:   The fresh spring fed Tokaanu Stream provides a self guided trip out into Southern Lake Taupo.  Hipaua steaming cliffs, the Waihi Village and waterfall can be seen from a far.  Follow the shoreline and view the abundant birdlife.   Return via Tokaanu canal and stream alongside boiling mud and pools for a fulfilling half day.

A shorter 1 – 1.5 hour stream trip is also available, which includes kayaking through a aquaduct, meandering on the bushclad Tokaanu Stream, and alongside geothermal areas.

Wai Maori reserves the right to restrict kayaking to sheltered areas in the interest of safety.

Equipment: Please bring your all weather gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, refreshments and cell phone  (in case of delay and emergency).  A change of clothes for afterwards is recommended.

Suitable for children under the supervision of competent kayaking adults.

(From My Kiwi Adventures)

Mountain Biking Options

Tongariro River Trail

In our backyard this is the most conveniently located track. It is great for beginners and runs adjacent to the Tongariro River.  You can choose from a 30minute to 1.5 hour bike ride.

Fishers Track

Tongariro National Parks iconic downhill mountain bike trail with over 600 metres of vertical decent to enjoy!

Suitable for beginners to experienced cyclists wanting to test the limits of their speed


Old Coach Road

One of the local favourites, the historical Old Coach Road mountain bike ride from Horoptio to Ohakune.A 15km, grade 2 trail with stunning views, featuring the restored Hapuawhenua rail viaduct.

Includes bike rental & return transfers from our booking centre in National Park Village.


Other Activities in the area that we recommend

RNZ Adventure Centre 6D Theatre

Take a virtual ride down NZ’s most scenic rivers, plunge off waterfalls and feel the rush from running the rapids – all from the comfort of your special effects chair.

Winter Time Skiing

Whakapapa is home to New Zealand’s premiere beginners’ area, Happy Valley. It’s a big complete learner’s area in its own valley away from the worry of faster skiers/boarders putting you off. It has its own cafe, rental complex and ski school meeting area. The gentle slope is nice and long, giving you plenty of time to really get the hang of your new sport and there is a slow-moving chairlift that takes you to the top of the slope while giving your legs a rest between runs.


Tongariro Trout Hatchery

Nestled in a peaceful bush setting, the Tongariro National Trout Centre provides a peek into the world of trout at Taupo.

Nestled in a peaceful bush setting, the Tongariro National Trout Centre provides a peek into the world of trout at Taupo.

It has played an important role over the years in educating people about the fishery, and raising awareness among the public of the importance of freshwater conservation and the need to create a sustainable fishery resource.

You can wander through the Genesis Energy Freshwater Aquarium and hatchery facility, look through an underwater trout viewing chamber or take a stroll along the Tongariro River.  The River Walk Visitor Centre is open to the public, full of interesting displays about the Taupo trout fishery and freshwater sustainability.


Tokaanu Hotpools  

Soak, soothe and relax in the magical mineral waters of Tokaanu Thermal Pools!

We invite you to come and relax in the soothing and therapeutic waters of the hot thermal springs of Tokaanu, situated on the southern shores of Lake Taupo. Enjoy the pools with family and friends.

Soothe muscles that have hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing or skied the slopes of Mt Ruapehu. The fascinating thermal area and local history make an ideal educational field day for school groups too.

Our private, natural mineral pools, which range in temperature from 39˚C to 41˚C, are recommended before enjoying the large public pool that is heated with fresh chlorinated water to around 36 to 38 degrees celsius.

Accompanied preschoolers can splash around in their own fresh chlorinated pool, heated to 36˚C, which is right beside the main pool.


It is located 4 kilometres south of Turangi on State Highway 1.

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